Find out why the designers who use us want to keep us to themselves.

Aligning yourself with reliable, professional, on-to-it tradespeople who think like you are critical to the success of any project. When designers find the right company, it’s like a breath of fresh air…a match made in heaven.

Interno will eliminate all your cabinet making hassles.

It’s our job to make your life as a designer easy and hassle-free,…so we’ll do whatever it takes. We focus intently on maintaining high production standards that protect our reputation for cabinet making excellence. That’s why you can be sure we’ll also uphold your reputation in the design arena.

You should think of Interno as a trade-only resource, we are here to help you and work alongside you to ensure the best possible outcome for your clients. Worried about your clients going direct and cutting you out of the process?? Don’t be, at Interno we only manufacture for clients with professionally drawn plans, this means that they cannot come directly to us and if they try to you will be the first to know.

Design Room

At Interno, we have gone to considerable length to build Designers their very own purpose-built haven. So next time you want to have a meeting with a client, why not use our space? It has Nespresso coffee facilities, broadband internet, meeting facilities, and even a fully stocked bar, all encompassed in a Blum show kitchen, at no cost to you or your client. It is just another way to let you know we are here to support you as a designer.

At Interno, we’re inspired by great design and the integrity of materials and quality components that bring enjoyment to everyday living. If you are too and the support of a responsive, forward-thinking cabinet-making company would help make your job easier, I’d welcome the opportunity to quote on your next project. Just email or mail your plans to me and I’ll come back to you promptly. Alternatively, phone me on 09 444-4335 to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs in person.


Find out why the builders who use us want to keep us to themselves.

Aligning yourself with reliable, professional, on-to-it tradespeople who think as you do is critical to the success of any project. When you find the right company, it’s like a breath of fresh air… a match made in heaven. We can help you with the following services:

Full Design & Build Service

Send your clients down to us with their plans and sit back as we liaise with their designers directly, if they don’t currently have a designer then we would be more than happy to recommend a few they can chat with. We will arrange everything for your client, including; working directly with their designers to manufacture, deliver and install exactly what they are after. All quick, efficient, and within budget; your clients will thank you for it.

Custom Builders Products

From ceiling panels to custom-sized pre-hung doors ready to paint, we can help you out. Next time you have a tricky area to fit a small door into, or an area to tidy up with a custom cover or blanking panel, give us a call. Where possible we can have the solution ready for you to pick up in just 48 hours.


Interno – working with homeowners.

Looking for some custom-made cabinetry for that new project? Can’t find that perfect fit with someone you trust to take care of it all? Want tradespeople who care as much about your project as you do? Well then you have come to the right place.

At Interno, we are renowned for having a reputation for getting involved with projects on a personal level prior to manufacturing and having a true understanding of the outcome of the project and the clients. We can help you with almost every room in your home including:


From handmade, high-end ultra-modern custom solutions to medium spec contemporary styles, Interno can do it all. Our kitchens are 100% custom-made to your order, meaning we can incorporate any and all of your personal ideas and desires. Either bring us your pre-designed kitchen plans from your designer/architect or we can put you in contact with a designer who can work with you.


We can custom manufacture you anything, from a small wall-mounted single bowl vanity to a large custom bathroom with seating and basins for two or more, the choice is yours.


We love custom-made furniture at Interno and we make it all, from beds and coffee tables to fireplaces with Plasma screen tv’s. . Bring your plans to us and we will make it happen.

Interno was founded by Tony Kelly in 2002 because he saw a gap in the market. That gap was a scarcity of individuals or organisations who could provide high-quality, personalised cabinetry.

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