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Play Table

Sick and tried of Mickey & Thomas messing up your lounge, this table was originally created for the children of the owner of Interno to give them their own space to play and have fun. It features two drawers at each end with two seats in the middle with storage under the seats. The seats feature the childrens names routered into the backs and then lacquered in a colour to suit. The table is built from high mositure resitant white melteca in an easy to clean satin finish. The edge tape can also be in any colour you choose.

When all the drawers are shut and the chairs are away this is the perfect stand up play table, enabling kids to walk completly around it without catching on anything. With the chairs pulled out this becomes a great table for colouring and puzzles. The top drawers are easy to open for kids with the bottom ones being harder to get into so they are the perfect place for toys requiring supervision.

Give us a call and we can discuss the ultimate gift for your kids or grandchildren.